Here we showcase and sell Annabelle Cuvée Rosé, Cuvée Blanche, Cuvée Blanche Non-Alcoholic and Cuvee Rosé Non-Alcoholic


Annabelle Cuvee rose new

Annabelle Cuvée Rosé

This easy drinking sweet rosé sparkling wine has upfront tropical fruit aromas with hints of strawberry, raspberry,  litchi and spice. These flavours linger onto the palate and culminate in a fresh, appetizing finish.

Enjoy this wine in its vibrant youth, well chilled. Excellent on its own, or with alfresco meals, fruit salads, various desserts and confectionery – it adds a festive touch to any occasion.

Annabelle Cuvée Blanche

This effortlessly drinkable semi-sweet bubbly has floral Muscat flavours on the nose as well as exotic tropical notes. Luscious litchi, peach and pineapple flavours linger onto the palate and through to the refreshing, crisp finish.

Enjoy this wine in its vibrant youth, well chilled. Delicious on its own or paired with crunchy salads, spicy chicken, sweet cheeses like mascarpone and fruity desserts.

Annabelle Cuvee Rose Non-Alcoholic

Annabelle Cuvée Rosé Non-Alcoholic

Enjoy this wine best when it’s young – either on its own or paired with a variety of canapés and salads.

Annabelle Non-Alcoholic Cuvée Rosé always proves a crowd-pleaser, whether served as a mouthwatering aperitif or the main event at a meal. Serve chilled to enhance the crisp, fresh and fruity flavours of the wine.

Annabelle Cuvee Blanch Non-Alc for sale

Annabelle Cuvée Blanche Non-Alcoholic

Almost zero alcohol does not mean compromising on taste, as the vivacious Annabelle Non-Alcoholic Cuveé Blanche shows. We craft this Non-Alcoholic sparkling white with the same care and dedication as the rest of the Annabelle range, using premium quality grapes bursting with flavor.

We make this non-alcoholic sparkling wine with the same care and dedication as the rest of the Annabelle range.  This blend comprises two components: Chenin Blanc and Muscat d’Alexandrie, and we handled them separately. After fermentation these two components were blended together to produce this lively fresh and fruity wine. After blending dealcoholisation followed. To bring life to the base wine it was infused with CO2 to create the lively sparkle.

Enjoy the lush scent of tropical fruits with refreshing flavours of litchi, peach and pineapple. An everyday Non-Alcoholic Sparkling White for those who naturally Sparkle.