Here we showcase and sell KWV 3, KWV 5, KWV 10 and KWV 12-Year-Old Brandy, KWV XXO 20-Year-Old and KWV Nexus 30-Year-Old Brandy – as well as Jackson Brown Brandy Liqueur.

KWV THREE – The foundation of our craft! Double-distilled. Furthermore, it matured for at least 3 years in small French oak barrels. Finally, the aroma: Fresh apple and pear fruity flavours with tones of spicy vanilla.

KWV FIVE – A celebration of versatility. First, double-distilled. Then, matured for at least 5 years in small French oak barrels. Lastly, the aromas: Ripe apple, pear and raisin flavours enhanced with rich, toasted oak and spicy aromas.

KWV TEN – A multi-award winning 100% potstill brandy. Matured for at least 10 years in small French oak barrels with an unrivalled smooth finish. What’s more, the aroma: Prune, peaches and ripe apricots with vanilla and oakwood.

KWV TWELVE – A golden, complex and well-balanced brandy with a satin finish. Equally important, the aroma: Dry fig, potpourri, citrus and a hint of white chocolate.

KWV FIFTEEN – Pure, double distilled potstill brandy, matured in selected French oak barrels for a minimum period of fifteen years and blended to perfection.

KWV XXO 20 – A multi-award winning double-distilled potstill brandy matured in French oak barrels for 20 years. Colour: Deep, golden amber. Furthermore, it has a premium taste. Think fruit cake, spices, oak wood and honey with citrus, honey, cigar box, tropical fruits and pineapple aromas. Finally the finish: Rich, long flavour, satin soft.

KWV Nexus 30 – Potstill brandy, distilled from mainly chenin blanc and colombar grapes. Nurtured and matured in French oak barrels for 30 to 40 years. Next, let’s talk about flavour: On the nose it is sweet, associated with strawberry jam and honey. This is well balanced with cinnamon and a smoky aroma complemented by old woody tawny port flavours. What’s more is the amazing taste: Well-balanced with a long, velvety aftertaste and notes of spices, caramelised fruit and ground coffee beans. Finally, serving suggestion: Neat or on the rocks.

Lastly, our Jackson Brown Brandy Liqueur – made with lower alcohol for increased enjoyment. This gem has delicate notes of fresh pear, apricot and raisin with rich undertones of roasted oak.