KWV Classic Collection Wines

Here we showcase and sell KWV Classic Merlot, Shiraz, Pinotage, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Grenache Blanc, Moscato, Moscato Rosé, Classic Rosé, Sparkling wines, Classic Cape Ruby, Red Muscadel and Tawny.

KWV Classic Collection Wines Red

KWV Classic Merlot 2021

Upfront ripe plum, strawberry and sour cherry with nuances of fresh crushed herbs. The palate is accessible with indulgent tannins and a seamless finish. Enjoy this wine on its own or with tomato-based pastas, roasted duck, chicken or grilled steak.

KWV Classic Shiraz 2022

Prominent fruit sweetness with aromas of mulberries, basil leaves and white pepper. A juicy, multi-layered long enduring finish. Enjoy this wine with red meat dishes, grilled chicken or a variety of hard cheeses.

KWV Classic Pinotage 2022

Seductively rich varietal characteristics with aromas of ripe mulberries, plums and fruitcake.  The sweet, juicy tannins carry hints of vanilla on the palate. Rich cuts of red meat, well-aged cheese or game dishes are ideal culinary partners to this wine although it is just as fine when savoured by itself.

KWV Classic Cabernet Sauvignon 2022

This full-bodied wine has a deep ruby red colour with aromas of dark fruits such as plums and cherries with hints of cigar box combined with subtle oak spices. The wine is well-balanced with a weighted palate, respecting the fruit and oak, creating a long lingering finish.

Aromas of ripe plums, blueberries and almonds with hints. A well-balanced tannin structure ensures good length and a lasting finish. Enjoy this wine on its own or serve with grilled meats, casserole dishes or barbeques.

KWV Classic Petit Verdot 2022

This vibrant, dark purple wine exudes aromas of dark cherries & plums. The palate is well rounded with an elegant finish of fruit cake and Turkish delight.

Enjoy this wine with rich cuts of red meat, well-aged cheese or game dishes.

KWV Classic Collection Wines White

KWV Classic Chardonnay 2023

This elegantly styled Chardonnay shows orange blossom, pineapple and white peach aromas with hints of oak. The palate is vibrant with hints of lime followed by a creamy, lingering finish.

Enjoy this wine on its own, with seafood, creamy pasta or chicken dishes.

KWV Classic Sauvignon Blanc 2023

This elegant and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc shows aromas of passionfruit, pineapple and gooseberries. The easy-drinking palate is soft, fleshy and juicy with hints of guava and apple. The wine is balanced and has a seamless finish.

KWV Classic Chenin Blanc 2023

This wine is a great example of modern-styled, South African Chenin Blanc and shows true elegance. On the nose it displays prominent aromas of pineapple, peach and passion fruit. The palate is well-rounded and juicy with hints of vibrant, fresh grapefruit, guava and granny smith apple with a lingering after taste.

Prominent aromas of white peach, guava and ripe melon. The palate is vibrant and fresh with a linear acidity and an enduring finish. Enjoy this wine on its own or with a variety of salads, sushi, seafood and white meats. Best enjoyed when chilled.

KWV Classic Grenache Blanc 2023

This refreshing wine displays aromas of peach and white pear with nuances of citrus blossom and pineapple. The palate is fresh, elegant but yet layered, with hints of lime and a well-rounded finish.

Enjoy this wine on its own, with seafood, various white meat dishes, sushi or a variety of cheeses. It is best served chilled.

KWV Classic Moscato 2023

This aromatic wine exudes floral, litchi, Turkish apricot and peach aromas with an abundance of Muscat that follows through on the palate. The flavours are concentrated with a sweet, complex aftertaste.

Enjoy this wine on its own as an aperitif, with fresh fruit salads, salmon or even spicy Asian cuisine. It is at its best when served slightly chilled.

KWV Classic Collection Wines Rosé

KWV Classic Moscato Rosé 2023

This aromatic Rosé has upfront floral, Turkish delight and strawberry aromas. On the palate there are notes of tropical fruit with a sweet, soft but refreshing aftertaste.

Enjoy this wine on its own as an aperitif, with fresh fruit salads, salmon or even spicy Asian cuisine. It is at its best when served slightly chilled.

KWV Classic Rosé 2023

This bright and fruity Rosé shows prominent aromas of red berries and pomegranate with hints of stone fruit. The palate is elegant and fresh with flavours of strawberries
and herbs, with a soft acidity that leads to a creamy finish.

This Rosé will pair beautifully with seafood dishes like paella and fish, also with chicken salad, creamy pasta and even with a spicy dish

KWV Classic Collection Wines Sparkling

KWV Sparkling Cuvée Brut

A rich and fruit-forward nose with true characteristic of the 100% Chenin Blanc grapes used. The sultry finish is dry, crisp and refreshing.

KWV Sparkling Demi-Sec

Aromas of honey-suckle and tropical fruit with true characteristic of the 100% Chenin Blanc grapes used with a sweet and refreshing finish. Serve well chilled, as a welcome drink or as an accompaniment to light savoury dishes.


KWV Sparkling Moscato Rosé 750ml

This aromatic wine exudes aromas of rose water, Turkish delight, and litchi. The palate is refreshing with sweet fruit entries and hints of strawberries. The wine is well-balanced and delivers a crisp finish.

Enjoy this wine as an aperitif, with fresh fruit salads, salmon or fruit Pavlova & berry cheese cake. It is at its best when served slightly chilled.

KWV Classic Collection Wines Fortified

KWV Classic Cape Ruby

Beautiful dark berry flavours, which are complimented by caramel, butterscotch and nuttiness. The wine is well balanced, fresh and fruitful with a lingering finish. Best enjoyed slightly chilled, on its own, before or after a meal.

KWV Classic Red Muscadel

Bursting with fresh red berries, muscadel flavours and hints of caramel. The wine is fresh, fruity and well balanced. Enjoy all year round lightly chilled or over crushed ice.


KWV Classic Cape Tawny

Beautiful aromas of orange zest, dried fruit, caramel and roasted pine nuts on the nose. This full flavoured port-style wine explodes with fruit, marzipan and toffee on the palate, with a well-balanced sweet finish. Serve chilled before a meal or after a meal with cheese and chocolates.