Welcome to Our Promotions Page!

There are always specials and great deals on the KWV website and here on the promotions page is where you will find them. Tip: Be sure to scroll so you do not miss out on any details and check back regularly. After all, we can have as many as 20 offers or more at a time. This is depending on our supply and the time of year. Plus, we will deliver straight to your door, or preferred address for receiving goods.

Think discounted prices on white wines, reds wines, rosé wines and spirits such as brandy and gin. Not to mention great gift packs that are ideal for special occasions.

Few things are as good as quality products acquired at special prices, so please enjoy and come back soon.

Promotions such as the above are our way of giving back to our customers – existing and new. Whether you are a red wine drinker, white wine fan, brandy enthusiast or gin admirer.

We try to offer various varietals at the same time, for example sauvignon blanc, chenin blanc, chardonnay and grenache blanc from different brands like our Classic Collection (a more accessible yet still quality wine option) and our Cathedral Cellar range (a more premium wine range). Our beloved brandies and gin feature often as well.

If gifting is on your agenda, do take a look at our thoughtful gift picks which typically include a set of premium glasses to elevate the experience of the chosen product. Wild Africa Cream, for example is a blend of local free-range cream and the finest spirits. It is infused with a decadent caramel — is easy to drink and mixes well with almost anything hot or cold. Or perhaps you are more interested in an aged brandy… a KWV 15 YO, complete with two premium glasses.

Remember to visit this page frequently if you are on the lookout for something specific.