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KWV Events -Enjoy latest vintage releases, wine and brandy tastings with the makers, live events at KWV and so much more

Enjoy all the magnificent offerings KWV has to offer, from award-winning wine and food experiences, exceptional world class brandies, to breath-taking tours through our historical facilities. Keep updated with all wine, brandy and tour offerings on the below links.

We currently have the following events on offer:

South Africa is a global player in the world of wine and KWV remains an industry leader when it comes to innovation and quality. It also remains committed to its original objective of showcasing the quality of South Africa’s wine products to the world, as is evidenced by its numerous award-winning wines and spirits.

Our range of brands include Roodeberg, The Mentors, KWV Brandy, Laborie, Cathedral Cellar, Classic Collection, Cruxland, Imagin, Wild Africa Cream and so much more.

The ability to source from such a diverse landscape of sites undoubtedly gives KWV its award-winning edge – an advantage which starts in the vineyard. Guided by an ethos to give consumers only the absolute best, KWV continues to build on its reputation as a pioneer and innovator – and with a mantra that puts the consumer first, KWV continues its lead into the next century.

Experience all KWV has to offer with our world class events at the KWV Emporium in Paarl. Seats are limited and therefore all events will need to be pre-booked to ensure you, friends and family have a front row seat.


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