Leading South African wine and spirits producer with a distinguished heritage.

KWV, Wine & Spirits producer in South Africa, is recognized across the globe for its pioneering efforts in the world of wine, and its award-winning brands.  Our range of brands include Roodeberg, The Mentors, KWV Brandy, Laborie, Cathedral Cellar, Classic Collection, Cruxland, Imagin, Wild Africa Cream and so much more spirits & wine.  Our brands can be purchased on our online shop or at the KWV Emporium in Paarl and in addition to this, visitors can also enjoy our famous destination experiences. These not to be missed experiences include House of Fire, Cathedral Cellar and KWV Emporium for tastings and pairings.

KWV, Wine & Spirits producer in South Africa was founded in 1918, the same year South Africa’s first democratically elected president, Nelson Mandela, was born.

In the space of just over a century, the country, along with its wine industry, has seen many changes. KWV played a major role to unite wine producers during the industry’s fledgling years. KWV features prominently in the pages of South Africa’s history.

With access to grapes from more than 50 farms and 400 vineyard sites across the Western Cape’s Paarl, Stellenbosch, Swartland, Perdeberg, Malmesbury, Darling, Elgin, Robertson and Wellington regions, KWV’s ability as a commercial producer to source the finest quality grapes for a premium expression of the Cape Winelands is unrivalled.

The winemaking team takes care when selecting grapes to ensure they meet KWV’s exact, quality standards. We handle the grapes expertly before and during transport to KWV’s cellar facilities in Paarl. This site covers nearly 32 hectares, at the heart of which stands KWV’s imposing Cathedral Cellar, built in 1930.


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