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Christmas at the KWV Cathedral Cellar Kitchen with Mynhardt

You are invited to our festive Christmas Table at KWV Cathedral Cellar in Paarl this holiday season! 

We are celebrating South African Summer Christmas with a twist of the Mediterranean.

Venue: KWV Cathedral Cellar Kohler Street Paarl 
Date: 25 December 2023
Price: R950 p/p | Kids R650 

Book with Cédrick @ 0849164506 

Wine pre order: KWV Wine Emporium Tel: 021 807 3007 & e-mail 

The KWV House of Fire is the historical brandy cellar where the first KWV brandy was produced from 1926 up to 1991.  In the early nineties KWV brandy production continued in our huge brandy cellar in Worcester to handle the increasing larger volumes of distillation as well as
the handling of effluent during the distillation process, for which purpose dams were built at the distillation site.

The Worcester Brandy Cellar has a total of 102 pot stills versus 32 pot stills in the original HOF cellar.
This Cellar was named the House of Fire because brandy is produced by the distillation of wine and this process was initially done over open fires. In days gone by brandy was also sometimes referred to as “fire water”, being completely clear after distillation and resembling
water, but having a relatively high alcohol content.

We also want to pay homage to the proud pioneers of KWV who started this incredible journey and brought us to where we are today. It began more than 100 years ago in 1918, when KWV – Ko-operatiewe Wijnbouers Vereniging van Zuid Africa – was founded to serve as a
stabilizing body in the South African wine industry.

For that special occasion treat yourself to a Brandy Blending Experience with our Brandy Experts. You will be blending your own brandy while enjoying Canapés and informative discussions on the Brandy making process. To end off, you will get the opportunity to bottle your
special blend of brandy and add a personalised label.

Exclusive KWV Events Coming Soon


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