19 March 2014

KWV has been classified as a World Class Distillery at the World Class Spirits Awards 2014 in recognition of its award-winning brandies. Participating with 80 other producers and distilleries from 30 nations, with over 400 spirits ranging from coffee and cigar brandies to gin, rum and fruit spirits, KWV’s brandies showed their strength garnering multiple awards: KWV 15 (2012) received a double gold while KWV 10, KWV 15 (2013), KWV 20 and Imoya were all awarded gold ratings.

The results are based on the WOB 100-points grading system tailored to spirits; objective assessment is ensured by an international taster jury with many years of experience. Distinctions are the reflection of the distillers’ work and an appreciation of perfect products. Based on the slogan “Simply the best in Spirits”, only the best products are entered into the competition and receive rave reviews from the strict jury.

This classification further supports the proud pioneering spirit of KWV, crafting world-class brandies for all those who plan to finish great.