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KWV emerges triumphant at the Veritas Awards 2023, maintaining a winning streak

Cape Town, South Africa – October 14, 2023 – KWV, a name synonymous with excellence in wine and spirits, has once again dominated the prestigious 33rd Veritas Awards, showcasing its remarkable consistency and unwavering commitment to quality. This Paarl-based producer’s performance at the event earned them the title of “Best Producer” and it was also named Best Achiever for 11 or more wines entered. KWV reaffirmed its position as a leader in the industry with an impressive six Double Gold medals and nine Gold medals for its unfortified wines, three Double Golds and four Golds for its brandy and one Double Gold in the Fortified Wine category.

KWV’s stellar performance at the Veritas Awards – widely regarded as one of the most important wine and spirits competitions in South Africa – is a testament to its dedication to crafting exceptional wines and spirits. With a distinctive legacy, KWV’s recent achievements further solidify its standing as an industry trailblazer.

Veritas 2023: Six Double Gold medals and Best Producer

KWV emerged as the standout winner at the 2023 Veritas Awards, securing the highest number of Double Gold medals for wines among all producers during the event. The prestigious Double Gold medals were awarded to the following wines:

– Laborie Blanc de Blancs Cap Classique 2017
– Cathedral Cellar Sauvignon Blanc 2021
– The Mentors Chenin Blanc 2015
– Roodeberg Dr Charles Niehaus 2019
– KWV Roodeberg Reserve 2020
– KWV The Mentors Perold 2020

KWV also showcased its prowess in the brandy category, securing three Double Gold medals for:

– KWV VS Brandy (KWV VS)
– KWV 12 Year Old Potstill Brandy (KWV 12)
– KWV 15 Year Old Alambic Blend Potstill Brandy (KWV 15)

KWV also secured another Double Gold medal in the Fortified Wine category for:

– KWV Classic Collection Cape Tawny NV

A legacy of excellence: Veritas 2021 and 2022

KWV’s remarkable performance at the Veritas Awards in 2023 follows a series of podium appearances at the prestigious event. In 2021, the cellar was unveiled as the Best Achiever and received six Double Gold medals for its wines, including a first-ever 100-point perfect score for brandy. KWV’s flagship brandy, the KWV 15 Year Alambic Blend Potstill Brandy, made history by achieving a perfect score, a remarkable feat in the competition’s 31-year history.

Veritas 2022 saw KWV continue its winning streak with five Double Gold medals and nine Gold medals for its wines, along with two Double Golds and one Gold for its brandies. KWV’s consistency across vintages, especially in the Red Blends category, was noted and celebrated. The Mentors Perold 2017, The Mentors Perold 2018, The Mentors Canvas Western Cape 2019, The Mentors Orchestra 2011, and Roodeberg Dr Charles Niehaus 2017 all received Double Gold medals in this highly competitive category.

Words from KWV’s leadership

KWV’s leadership team, including Cellarmaster Justin Corrans and CEO John Loomes, expressed their elation and pride in the cellar’s consistent performance at Veritas Awards.

“KWV is overjoyed to be recognised as the Best Producer at the Veritas Awards 2023, and we are extremely proud of our six Double Gold medals,” said Justin Corrans, KWV Chief Winemaker. “This achievement is a testament to the dedication and expertise of our teams who consistently deliver exceptional quality across our wines and spirits.” KWV Master Distiller, Pieter de Bod, affirmed this sentiment: “The KWV 12 and KWV 15 have a celebrated reputation and to have their quality recognised by the Veritas judging panel is very reaffirming. However, achieving a Double Gold for our newly introduced KWV VS Brandy is especially encouraging. We consistently strive to be innovative and to have this innovation recognised is a huge compliment.”

CEO John Loomes added, “KWV’s commitment to quality is unwavering, and this latest recognition at the Veritas Awards reaffirms that our promise to consumers is steadfast. We take great pride in our work, and the recognition we receive is a testament to our passion for excellence.”

KWV’s consistent excellence across vintages and categories demonstrates its mastery of winemaking and distilling. The cellar continues to set new standards for quality and innovation in the South African wine and spirits industry.

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About KWV:

KWV is a leading South African producer of wine and spirits, with a legacy dating back to 1918. Renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, KWV has consistently earned accolades and awards at prestigious competitions, including the Veritas Awards. With a diverse portfolio of exceptional wines and spirits, KWV is a name synonymous with excellence in the industry.

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