KWV produces award-winning Brandy and Gin, and also imports a range of expertly crafted spirits.

From the heart of Africa comes a extraordinary gin: Cruxland. Produced by world-renowned spirits artisan KWV, two unique offerings elevate the gin experience.

Cruxland Gin infused with Kalahari Truffles brings together the rare Kalahari truffle and nine Southern African botanicals. Experienced truffle hunters wait patiently during the first rains on the desolate plains of the Kalahari Desert for these rare gems to emerge from the cracked earth. Our master distillers meticulously bring together the earthiness of the truffles and the variety of the botanicals such as rooibos and honeybush to create an exquisite taste. It is no wonder that this gin bears the title of the World’s Best London Dry Gin as awarded at the World Gin Awards.

Recently KWV released yet another exceptional gin offering: Cruxland Gin infused with Black Winter Truffles. The rare Périgord truffles – originally exclusive to Southern Europe and now cultivated in a few select regions in South Africa – merge seamlessly with no less than thirteen botanicals. The result is a flavour profile like no other: complex, flavoursome and luscious.