KWV produces award-winning Brandy and Gin, and also imports a range of expertly crafted spirits.

​KWV 3

KWV 3 is where our exciting journey into brandy begins. This double distilled, pot still blended brandy is for those with the character to Finish Great. Best enjoyed with cola and ice.


KWV 5 is steeped in the heritage and craft of South African brandy making. Aged for a minimum of five years to deliver its delicate fruity flavors, KWV 5 will take you back to your roots. Enjoy on its own or with a premium mixer.

KWV 10

KWV 10 is a constant award winner and flagship brandy renowned the world over. It is aged for a decade in French oak barrels and contains only 100% pot still spirit content. KWV 10 is a premium spirit that deserves to be enjoyed at any occasion.

KWV 12

KWV 12 Barrel Select represents artful blending by the KWV Brandy Master to deliver a perfect marriage of aged Potstills, the product of years of careful crafting. Revolutionising perceptions of brandy, KWV 12 is a notable addition to the world-renowned KWV Brandy family.  This golden liquid conjures dried fruit, honey and oak flavours to deliver a well-balanced brandy with a long, lingering after-taste. Best enjoyed neat or on the rocks. 

KWV 15

Matured for no less than 15 years in French oak barrels, KWV 15 tells the true story of time revealing character, and is the product of our master brandy maker’s patience and dedication to the art of fine brandy making. Not many 15 year blends can match the alluring amber hue and elegant notes delivered by KWV 15. Take time to savour this complex brandy, which is also considered the “best brandy in the world”!


KWV VS Signature Release is the latest expression from our Brandy Master Pieter de Bod. It is aged in small French oak barrels and contains only 100% Potstill Brandy. It is a uniquely smooth Potstill Brandy with a spicy and fruity palate. KWV VS is very versatile and is best enjoyed neat, on the rocks or with a premium mixer.


This Extra Extra Old (XXO) brandy is something very special indeed. Having given the grapes a minimum of 20 years in maturation to extract the best character from the French oak barrels, our Brandy Master’s true artistry shines through when blending begins. To create the KWV XXO 20, brandies aged from 20 years up to 32 years are skillfully blended together to achieve the renowned profile KWV XXO 20 is known for.

Dedication, craftmanship and most importantly, time, coincide to create the exceptional KWV XXO 20.


Imoya is conceived in the rich earth of Africa. Life is breathed into it by the rain. Fire defines it. A blend of pure double pot distilled brandy, Imoya is matured in selected small French oak barrels for different ages up to 20 years.


KWV, home of the world’s best brandy*, in proud partnership with the French House of Charpentier, presents KWV Héritage XO Cognac, where craftsmanship and time-honoured tradition meet. KWV Héritage XO Cognac, is an exceptional blend of the finest “Extra Old” Cognacs, aged between 12 and 30 years and earning this Cognac its prestigious XO distinction.
*KWV named Best Brandy and Cognac Producer at the International Spirits Challenge, 2015 and 2016.


KWV Nexus 30 year old Potstill Brandy is handcrafted in small batches at our world renowned Cellars, using only the finest selected grapes double distilled in French copper potstills and masterfully matured to perfection in French Oak. Our Master Distiller, Pieter De Bod, oversees each step in his exquisite craft to ensure that uncompromised purity and handcrafted quality is captured in every drop. During the first stage of maturation clear Potstill spirit absorbs the characteristic colour of the Oak and develops its flavours and bouquet, the scent of oak, warm vanilla and the rich aromas brought out during toasting. Paying homage to this precious nectar it is suspended in an exquisite hand-blown bottle crafted by local artisans. They have created a visage of the golden liquid suspended in the orb of this beautiful bottle. Finally we have surrounded the bottle in beautifully interwoven wood, the perfect display for this precious brand. Nexus, The Ultimate Connection. The pinnacle of the KWV Brandy Journey.