fortified wines



KWV is home to esteemed wines of legendary quality, which are renowned for their ability to age exceptionally well.

KWV Fortified Wines: KWV Classic Cape Ruby

The wine showcases beautiful dark berry flavors, complemented by caramel, butterscotch, and nuttiness. Additionally, it offers a well-balanced, fresh, and fruitful palate with a lingering finish. Enjoy this fortified wine slightly chilled, on its own, before or after a meal.

KWV Fortified Wines: KWV Classic Red Muscadel

With its attractive light amber color and subtle red tint, this wine is bursting with an abundance of fresh red berries, muscadel flavors, and delicate hints of caramel. Furthermore, the wine boasts a refreshing, fruity profile that is impeccably balanced. It’s perfect for enjoyment all year round, whether lightly chilled or served over crushed ice.

KWV Fortified Wines: KWV Classic Cape Tawny

Beautiful aromas of orange zest, dried fruit, caramel and roasted pine nuts on the nose with this wine. Moreover, this full flavoured port-style wine explodes with fruit, marzipan and toffee on the palate, with a well-balanced sweet finish. Serve chilled before a meal or after a meal with cheese and chocolates.