KWV Classic Collection Wines are crafted to meet the quality benchmarks established by KWV.  In fact, the Classic Collection stands as the cornerstone of our portfolio, promising unparalleled drinking gratification.

Furthermore, each bottle is imbued with craftsmanship and unwavering commitment, embodying our ethos of ‘fresh consistency’ aimed at providing a spectrum of wines that consistently captivate the senses and in the South African wine landscape, KWV has been at the vanguard, pioneering the production of singular bottlings showcasing niche varietals such as Grenache Blanc and Petit Verdot.

Subsequently, these distinctive offerings are thoughtfully integrated into our Classic Collection line-up, ensuring accessibility without compromising on excellence. Moreover, by prioritising single-cultivar expressions, the Classic Collection range epitomises our dedication to showcasing the unique character and potential of each grape variety. Whether indulging in the crisp notes of Grenache Blanc or the rich complexity of Petit Verdot, each sip is an invitation to savour the distinctive terroir and expertise encapsulated within every bottle.

Certainly explore the KWV Classic Collection range and elevate your wine experience to new heights, where tradition meets innovation in every glass.